"When my oldest daughter was due to start preschool, I was apprehensive regarding the transition and me with several schools prior to choosing The Learning Tree. 

Ms. Meghan was so approachable, friendly, and warm, I know from the moment I met her the school was the high choice. Her classroom fosters a sense of fun and play but also reinforces empathy and reflection, which is not an easy feat amongst 3 year olds. My daughter continued on with The Learning Tree as a 4 year old and we are still thrilled. She looks so forward to going to school and was so distraught at the length of the winter vacation. Needless to say, The Learning Tree has been the most wonderful introduction to school for our family. I'm excited for our son to star with Ms. Meghan in September. "



January 2018 

"As we approach the end of our first preschool year with you, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the other teachers for the absolutely exceptional job that you have done not only with my daughter this year, but her schoolmates as well!  

I had my eldest daughter attend another preschool in the area a couple of years ago, and having had the experience of this other preschool (which I did like) to compare with our experience with your school, I can honestly say there is no comparison.  The cost has been more affordable, the programming has been fun and educational - L. LOVES being the special helper and having her opportunity to talk about and show something special to her friends and teachers EVERY week with show and tell.   She has also thoroughly enjoyed her first experiences with the Yoga and the Music classes - something that was not available with the other preschool and that has actually helped me in the fact that I was able to have her doing other extra-curricular activities at no added to cost to my budget.

L. comes home every day from preschool excited to tell me about what she has learned, what songs she has sang, and what new friends she has made.  A parent really couldn't ask for much more when considering their child's first experience with a school type environment.  This is the first opportunity that many children will get before they attend actual classes for the next 12 years of their life...for this to be a positive experience is extremely important in my eyes as it helps pave the path that they are going to take when they view "school", and your preschool has helped my daughter feel not only positive but excited about learning!"

Thank you again!

Leah A. 
(3 year old program parent 2012/2013)

What an amazing experience this has been!! Having someone care for your child is the ultimate trust and the teachers at preschool understand that. You've created an atmosphere of caring, fun and creative learning and I am so incredibly thankful that you've made L.'s first experience in school (and mine as a mom of a preschooler) so special! Thank you!!

Tammy K. 
(3 year old program parent 2012/2013)

Dear Meghan,

I just wanted to write and let you know how happy I have been with (preschool).  The teachers have been awesome by providing a nurturing and loving environment. 

Since joining Preschool, R. has grown so much and has learned more than I could have imagined (from geography – different countries, to biology – body parts, writing skills and crafts, yoga and music lessons and of course play!) and even though I was worried about his shyness – that soon dissipated and I have seen his social skills and confidence grow (which I attribute directly to the warm and safe environment you have created at the preschool).  This in turn gives me the confidence I need to ensure he has a smooth transition into Kindergarten.

I have told R. that he will be in a different class and school next year but he has said he will not be going anywhere else but The Learning Tree– he LOVES his preschool and his teachers!!).  He will definitely miss you all and the wonderful friends he has made.

I am so happy we still get to see you all in September when my 3 year old joins your preschool!



Quin S.

(4 year old program parent 2012/2013)