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Welcome to The Learning Tree, a child and family centered preschool and childcare experience, offering flexible and accessible care.

Play is at the heart of all of our programs. Our dedicated team of educators provide creative outlets, guidance, and support as your children explore, experiment, observe, make choices and take risks.

We encourage independent learning and collaborative exploration in all of our programs, and use developmentally appropriate enriched materials to create a child-centred learning environment.  


Setting safe boundaries for children to explore, investigate, and learn from their environment empowers confidence in decision making. When we acknowledge a child's needs we can more easily notice what they notice and share in their joy.

We offer a nurturing, inclusive and stimulating environment and genuinely appreciate the importance of creating a community with the children in our care and their families. There truly is no greater trust than that given to others who are caring for and teaching their children. We certainly do not take this responsibility lightly and take every opportunity to show our students and their families how much we care, value, and believe in them.

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