Our Programs

Our goal at The Learning Tree Preschool is to create an environment that sparks the start of a life-long love of learning for each of the children in our classes. 
There is no greater trust than the trust parents give to those caring for and teaching their children. 
We certainly do not take this responsibility lightly and take every opportunity to show our students and their families how much we care, value, and believe in them.

We believe strongly in a learn through play philosophy which we incorporate into all of our programs. Young children learn through music, movement, art and play. We encourage independent learning and collaborative exploration, and use developmentally appropriate enriched materials to create a child-centred learning environment.  
We provide creative outlets, guidance, and ideas for new learning opportunities for all of our children through hands on activities and  observation. 

3 Year Old AM Program - Tues/R mornings*9:20 am-11:20 am* $185/m  

Our 3 year old program focuses on socialization within the classroom setting and encourages the children to discover play in both small and large groups.  The classroom, materials, and activities are planned to promote personal and social development through their interactions with one another,  and to encourage the construction of a community within the classroom.  This class promotes social development and encourages a move from parallel play to integrated play experiences.
Children are supported and encouraged to enhance language and literacy development, gross and fine motor skills, and early math and science skills through a carefully designed program built around the children's interests and of course, PLAY!

4 Year Old AM Program - M/W/F mornings *9:20 am-11:30 am* $215/m    

In our 4 Year Old Program children will grow wonder with their peers as they navigate new relationships, responsibilities, and routines in the the classroom. Through play, art, exploration, and inquiry the children will develop both social and cognitive skills that will help to prepare them for Kindergarten; we do this through a number of fun activities throughout the class that have the children eagerly anticipating our next inquiry.  We use creative strategies to work on their fine motor skills and encourage this important component of development towards writing.  
The program we have designed incorporates independent learning and collaboration, educational explorations, the arts- including physical activity, and math and science. And of course, we PLAY!

         3/4 Year Old PM Program- Tues/Thurs afternoon 12:15- 2:15pm* $185/m  

Our 4 year old afternoon program is a dynamic opportunity for children to make creative choices in their learning. We offer opportunities for both imaginative and constructed exploration leading to confident, creative self-expression.

The smaller class size in the afternoon allows for more flexibility with the schedule, a higher teacher/student ratio, and the ability to go more in depth with any given topic or theme.

Music, Dance, and Art will be a big component of the afternoon class, encouraging wonder, personal and social growth. While the children will still gain all of the early developmental skills as outlined in our 4 year old AM program (language and literacy, math and science), the afternoon program offers an additional focus on hands on exploration, observation, and self discovery through the arts.

*child must be 3.5 at time of Program Start to be registered in the PM Program