At The Learning Tree we encourage imagination and grow wonder in a fun, innovative, creative and safe environment.

We support the social and emotional growth of your child in their early years; providing challenge to , socially, intellectually, cognitively and physically.  

Your child will learn through hands-on play, exploration, experimentation and through ever-important interaction with their peers.

We believe in encouraging a strong sense of security, belonging, and self, while your child learns to be part of a classroom community built on inclusion, character, caring, and respect.
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Learn in a nurturing, safe environment where we believe in the importance of creating a community with our students and their families. 

We inspire and encourage an environment that sparks a life-long love of learning for each of the children in our programs.
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We are passionate about early childhood education and bring joy, creativity, kindness and wonder into the classroom.
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Please contact us with questions, for registration details, or to book a virtual or in-person